Felice FLSK 800 Stainless Steel 3 1/2" Sink Waste
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A sink waste is a channel designed to enable water in your basin to run off safely, regardless of the sinks design. The sink waste will also allow you to block the pipes of your sink, allowing it to fill up with water. 

What is an Overflow?
First it is important to understand what an overflow is because once you have established that, you can correctly identify the waste that your basin requires. An overflow is a small hole so that when the water fills up the basin and begins to get too full, the overflow will drain the excess water away. They are most commonly found at the back of the basin, just under the tap.

If your basin has an overflow it will require a slotted basin waste. Therefore use an unslotted waste where basins are designed without an overflow. At Victorian Plumbing we make sure that all of our range is clearly stated as being slotted or unslotted to make your selection effortless.

Different Types of Wastes

What is a Plug and Chain Waste?
This is the most traditional form of waste. It consists of a plug (either plastic or metal) that is connected to a chain that can be moved to cover the waste hole or put to one side when not being used. However, you may find that with more modern basins that there isn’t a hole for the chain to be fitted to. Simply, ask before making your purchase.

What is a Click Clack Waste?
This is the most popular option of wastes, as it has a simple design making it easy to use. You simply push down on the stopper once to close it and click it again to open it. Click clack wastes are also referred to as push button wastes or sprung plug.

What is a Flip Top Waste?
This is a disc shaped object that is hinged on either side vertically, meaning that you rotate the stopper and water can flow through or be stopped for filling the basin. A minimalist design and an easy to use function.

What is a Pop-Up Waste?
This works with the use of a lever operation. The lever is pulled up to lower the waste stopper, or pushed down to act as a barrier.

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