Felice FLE A013 Push Type Pop-Up Waste
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Pop-Up Waste basin wastes work with the use of a lever or bar often found on the back of your basin tap. The lever is pulled up to lower the plug stopper, and pushed down to pop up the waste. These wastes are normally supplied with a basin tap and will be described and a pop up waste.
Pop-up basin wastes
Pop-up basin wastes are operated using a lever and rod mechanism. The metal plug rests on a horizontal rod that is connected through a small bracket arrangement to a vertical rod. The plug is opened by pushing the vertical rod downwards, which then causes the horizontal rod to rise lifting the plug. The plug is closed by lifting the vertical rod up allowing the weight of the metal plug to close the waste.

Pop-up bath wastes
Pop-up bath wastes feature a cable that’s connected from a control handle, usually at the overflow point of the bath, to a metal plug. As you turn the control handle, the cable moves the plug into position to open or close the waste fitting. The control handle also acts to cover the overflow hole of the bath, which provides a neat, modern solution.

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