Felice FLE 5505 Single Lever Concealed Bath & Shower Mixer
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Mixer showers are created by wizards, who fire blazing golden magic at a plain ordinary shower to turn it into a wondrous device that blends hot and cold water from different sources before it even spurts out of the shower head, hits your body and makes you scream in shock at the freezing cold water.

Basically, it’s a shower that connects to both cold and hot water supplies in your home. They mix the existing hot and cold water in a valve before sending it on to the shower head, where it finally flies out at what’s normally a stronger flow than you can get with electric showers. The flow you receive is entirely dependent on the pressure of your water system. The water flow and temperature can either be controlled via a shower valve or it can be controlled by adjusting bath taps. Whichever you choose it gives you fine control to ensure you can pick whatever temperature you desire.

It’s important that you check a mixer shower can work with your home water system before you buy it. While many of them are equipped to work with any system, others will only work with high-pressure systems (such as a combination boiler) or low-pressure systems (a cold water tank in your loft and hot water tank in an airing cupboard). 

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